Lupo Nutritional Supplements Packaging

Lupo Nutritional Supplements Packaging

The Lupo nutritional supplements packaging line is available in numerous sizes and materials:

  • Plastic jars PET: 17.5 x 50mm which corresponds to 25ml, 27.8 x 50mm which corresponds to 50ml
  • Plastic jars HDPE/rHDPE: all sizes available within the following range: minimum height 41mm (78ml) and maximum height 220mm (380ml) with 50mm diameter

The Lupo Fliptop system offers the following advantages:

  • Easy opening and closing due to its two color lid
  • The ergonomic design allows for convenient handling
  • The large opening diameter (50mm) makes dispensing and dosing very convenient
  • Audible click when opening and closing
  • Induction foils as tamper-proof
  • The cap can be used as a refill system, only exchanging the containers
  • The containers are available in Recycling HDPE material

We also offer numerous decoration techniques to individualize and differentiate the packaging!